Caviar Beads with Flowers and Leaves on your Paper Beads

Decorative Caviar beads

I’m addicted to decorating my paper beads with these decorative caviar beads! It’s so much fun to mix and match the pots and come up with new designs. Each pot of mix can do quite a few beads. Exactly how many will depend on how crazy you get with each bead. I haven’t even used half of mine yet! This is a longer video than normal, so I’ve marked the sections below:

Overview of 4 mix styles: 02:40

Caviar Bead Demo: 08:20

Paper Bead Project Supplies List

  • Caviar Bead Mixes ——— []
  • Square Bead Caps ——— []
  • Gold Disc Spacers (used as end caps) ——— []

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