Here at Chellejon, we are ALL about empowering crafters to earn money for their work. We encourage our customers to use our tools to make beautiful items to sell. If you do decide to sell crafts made with our tools and products, please adhere to these simple guidelines:

  1. Don’t recreate, copy, share, or sell our templates and stencils. You can make things to sell with the templates and stencils, but the designs themselves are copyrighted and legally protected. For example, you can make and sell Euro-style beads cut from the Euro-Style template, but you can’t make additional templates to sell.
  2. Digital templates are for one owner only. You can’t transfer ownership to another individual.
  3. Unless specifically stated on the tutorial, you can make and sell the jewelry designs in our tutorials. You can also create derivative works from them. We’d love to see your own take on our designs!
  4. If you wish to use our products inside a product or service you are making (such as providing a bead rolling tool as part of a class you teach, or putting one in a kit you’ve designed) please contact us directly regarding permission to use our brand and opening a wholesale account.

That’s it! No limits on how many copies of something you can make, or where you can sell it. Now go sign up for the next craft fair you see and have fun!