Drop Style Paper Beads Necklace Tutorial

Drop Style Paper Bead Tutorial

Drop style paper beads are just that – beads in the shape of a water droplet! Depending on the paper you choose they can be playful or elegant. In this video, I decided to use a pink and teal theme (one of my favorites based on the contents of my summer wardrobe) to create a playful vibe.

A part of what makes this necklace so playful is the was the beads hang down from the chain. Rather than hanging all of the beads at the same level, I opted to use jump rings to make some hang down a bit further and swing a bit more. This brings movement to the necklace, drawing the eye into the dangling drops of color.

In the first half of this video, you’ll learn how to make drop style paper beads and a small round accent bead. In the second half, we’ll take drop beads and small round paper beads and make a cheerful necklace.

Both types of paper beads in this tutorial use the 3/32″ (red) paper bead roller.

Drop Style Paper Bead Project Supplies List

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