Dry Brush Technique and Brother ScanNCut

Dry Brushed Paper Beads Brother ScanNCut

I intended this tutorial to be about decorating paper using the dry brush paint technique. But sometimes these tutorials have minds of their own! Up to this point, I haven’t shown you how I cut my paper strips, but since we started with full pieces of paper it made sense to show you the entire process. That means the Brother ScanNCut gets its moment to shine!

Since I got my ScanNCut last year, my paper bead production and quality have gone through the roof! I can cut more strips and the strips are more consistent which makes my finished jewelry pieces look more polished. And honestly, this machine is just fun to use!

So this week you get two things in the tutorial: A new paper bead decorating technique, and a high-level overview of the Brother ScanNCut. If you like this and want me to film a more detailed overview of how I cut strips using my machine, leave a comment below and let me know!

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