How to Make Paper Bead Flowers

Paper Bead Flowers

That’s right. Paper Bead Flowers. These are flowers that you roll just like you roll a paper bead. In fact, they are pretty much just a bead with a flower sticking out of the top.

My goal for these flowers was to keep them to one strip of paper and quick and easy to make. Right now the flowers come in 5 different designs, available in pre-cut kits or digital download files for any cutting machine that will use SVG files. I do include PDF version if you’d like to try printing and cutting these out by hand, but for some designs that is a lot of fussy cutting. I just want to be fair and warn you that it might be more hand cutting work that it’s worth. Unless you have a ton of patience and a strong cutting hand, the precut strips could be a better option.

In this video I’m going to give you a quick look at the process for making these flowers, while each style of flower will have a detailed video of their own. In fact, each of flower styles can be tweaked as you make them to have different looks – several flower types in one!

Paper Bead Flowers Supplies List