How to Roll Cone-Shaped Paper Beads

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Cone-shaped paper beads are just fun! Come on, admit it! They’re an odd shape and make for great conversation pieces. Plus there are all kinds of non-jewelry things you can do with cones. I’ve got some videos coming up on projects like that, so be sure to hit the subscribe button and then the bell if you want to get notifications when they’re posted.

You can make cone-shaped paper beads with a normal, triangular shaped strip but some people find it a bit easier to roll cones with a strip where one corner has a right angle on it. I’ve tested and experimented and from a finished bead perspective, it really doesn’t matter. It’s almost impossible to tell which kind of strip was used for a cone. I’m going to use strips with a right angle for this video. If you are using regular triangle strips, there is no difference in how you’ll roll your cone-shaped beads. I am going to roll each of the strips you see in front of you to show you how the length and width impact the final shape of the bead. By the end of this video, you’ll have a good understanding of how to cut your strips to get the exact size and shape of cone bead you want for your project. All of the paper used in this video is 65lb.

Cone -Shaped Bead Supplies List