How To Roll A Paper Bead Instructions

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While there are some intricacies to rolling a really good paper bead, the basic process is pretty simple. You take a strip of paper, roll it around itself and glue the end. So simple! That’s why I truly enjoying seeing the look of wonder on someone’s face the first time they touch and hold one of my paper beads.

“That’s really paper?” they ask. Yes, it really is. How can something so common and flimsy become something so beautiful?

It’s about the thickness of the paper, the length of the strip. The exact positioning of layer upon layer. The color, the pattern. The love that goes into it.

Paper bead making isn’t just a craft for the girl scouts (which is where most people first encountered it). It’s a craft for all of us. You can make a small piece of brilliance and make something beautiful with it. Let’s get rolling!

How to Roll a Paper Bead