Introducing 3-Dimensional Layered Paper Beads

This paper bead technique is sure to get your creativity pumped up! Buco beads are 3 dimensional, 2 layered paper beads. You can create your own using digital template files from or you can purchase pre-cut kits.

I came up with this idea when I was using my Brother Scan-N-Cut machine to do some intricate cutting. It hit me like a ton of bricks – this would look amazing on a paper bead! So I started experimenting to see how I could make that work. The result is Buco Beads! A 2-layer paper bead with cutout shapes.

You can use any cutting machine that reads SVG files to cut the Buco Strips from my templates. The strips are designed to match up around the bead so that you don’t have an obvious or mismatched seam. Watch this three-part series to get the scoop on these new and crazy cool paper beads:

Intro to Buco Beads

Buco Beads Paper Beads Cutting File Tutorial

How to Roll Buco Paper Beads

3D Buco Bead Supplies List

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