Leftover Paper Scraps = Beautiful Paper Bead Necklace! (updated sound)

Paper Bead Tutorial

One of the best things about paper beading is that you can use up leftover scraps of paper and reuse things that might be thrown away. Even when I use brand new patterned paper or card stock, I like to use up every little piece that I can! The beads in this necklace were made with the scrap pieces that are left from the Wide Euro Bead template.

For the focal point, I used a cat ying-yang friendship necklace! It made a super cute charm for my necklace.

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Paper Bead Project Supplies List

• Green Handle Paper Bead Roller
——— https://www.paperbeadrollers.com/product/paper-bead-roller-5-64-slotted-pin-green/ [paperbeadrollers.com]

• Ying-Yang Cat Best Friends Necklace
——— https://www.paperbeadrollers.com/product/best-friends-cat-necklaces/ [paperbeadrollers.com]

• Wide Euro Paper Bead Template SVG/PDF
——— https://www.paperbeadrollers.com/product/euro-style-wide-paper-bead-template-svg/ [paperbeadrollers.com]

• Needle Tip Glue Bottle
——— https://www.paperbeadrollers.com/product/needle-tip-applicator-glue-bottle-1oz/ [paperbeadrollers.com]

• Judikins Diamond Glaze
——— https://www.paperbeadrollers.com/product/judikins-diamond-glaze-8oz/ [paperbeadrollers.com]

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