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There is a little secret to using the Wide Euro Paper Bead Stencil and getting [...]

Giant Paper Beads: Crafting Monster-sized Creations!

I needed to get some stick and peel wallpaper for a project Im working on [...]

Wallpaper Sample Book Haul | Wallpaper Paper Beads

I was luck enough to get a MASSIVE haul of wallpaper sample books from my [...]

Make a Paper Bead Christmas Tree!

If you have 400 extra paper beads laying around, you can complete this project in [...]

Confetti Hearts Patterned Paper for Making Paper Beads

This patterned paper was designed by Kelly with love and Valentines in mind! She hand [...]

How to Take Photos of your Craft Projects

When you create a beautiful piece, you want to show it off! But getting a [...]

Leftover Paper Scraps = Beautiful Paper Bead Necklace! (updated sound)

One of the best things about paper beading is that you can use up leftover [...]

Bell’s Palsy Update

Thank you SO MUCH for all of the kind comments and love you sent my [...]

Paper Beaded Straw hat
Ombre Twisty Paper Bead Necklace Set
Paper Bead Charm Bracelet
Paper bead Cuff Bracelet
Kelly Phillips Paper Bead Rollers

Hi, I’m Kelly Phillips and I am a paper bead fanatic!

From the moment I rolled my first colorful strip of 65lb cardstock into a beautiful, shiny, solid paper bead I was hooked on this craft! So much so that I learned how to make my own paper bead rollers, and then began selling them on Amazon so you could use them too!

Fast forward a few years and I have over 100 videos on my paper bead YouTube channel, I sell 7 sizes of paper bead rollers, and my online store has almost 200 paper bead and jewelry making products for sale.

Paper beads are both my business and my passion and I love to share it with you!