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Paper Bead Basics
Paper Bead Basics Guide

Easily and inexpensively make polished, beautiful jewelry to match every outfit!

You can make beautiful, polished, fashionable jewelry and accessories using card stock and recycled papers from around your home. Cut your most colorful, unique, or beautiful paper into strips and roll them into paper beads you can use to make jewelry or other crafting projects.

Keep your money AND craft away!

Paper beading is a craft where you don’t have to spend HUGE amounts of money on supplies just so you can make beautiful, creative pieces. Instead, you can use:

  • leftover scrapbooking paper that’s been sitting in your craft room gathering dust.
  • empty boxes from snacks, cereal, frozen foods and sodas.
  • pages from those old magazines taking up space in the garage.
  • keepsakes such as wedding invitations, birth announcements and even photos.

This guide contains everything you need to know!

I’ve pulled together years of experience and knowledge about paper beads to create the definitive guide for beginners! If you are a beginning paper beader, this is what you’ve been looking for! And it’s FREE!

Enter your name and email below to download your free 17-page Paper Bead Basic Guide! This guide contains everything you need to know to learn the craft of paper beading. It includes full step-by-step instructions, links to instructional videos, full-color photos, supplies recommendations, and project examples. You’ll also have the option to join my email newsletter where you’ll get notices on new paper beading tutorials, project videos, new paper bead supplies in the shop, and sales!

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Kelly Phillips Paper Bead Rollers

Hi, I’m Kelly Phillips and I am a paper bead fanatic!

From the moment I rolled my first colorful strip of 65lb cardstock into a beautiful, shiny, solid paper bead I was hooked on this craft! So much so that I learned how to make my own paper bead rollers, and then began selling them on Amazon so you could use them too!

Fast forward a few years and I have over 100 videos on my paper bead YouTube channel, I sell 7 sizes of paper bead rollers, and my online store has almost 200 paper bead and jewelry making products for sale.

Paper beads are both my business and my passion and I love to share it with you!