Paper Bead Bin Dive and Eyeglass Cord Jewelry Tutorial

Paper Bead Bin Dive and Eyeclass Cord Jewelry Tutorial
Eyeglass Cord Jewelry Tutorial

I admit it! I’m getting to that age where you start to need a bit of help doing close up work like rolling paper beads. In this Eyeglass Cord Jewelry tutorial, we’ll raid my paper bead stash and find some beads to make a really cute eyeglasses cord.

Since I’ll wear this piece almost every day, I have a few requirements:

  1. It needs to be lightweight. Sometimes you want your jewelry to have a bit of weight or heft to it, but this cord hangs from my glasses so I want it as light as possible.
  2. It has to make me feel good. I’m not super happy about needing glasses (I had Lasik a few years ago and thought I’d said goodbye to them forever!) so I want something that makes me smile when I look at it.
  3. It has to be functional. The glasses can’t be in my way when I’m not wearing them and they need to stay ON the cord – not slip out every two seconds. (Disclaimer: The eyeglass cord ends I used in this video DO slip off the glasses more than I’d like. I’ve linked to a different type in the supply list below, but I haven’t tried those myself.)

I didn’t make any paper beads in this tutorial because I grabbed them from my paper bead bin. If you want to learn more about the basics of rolling paper beads, you can watch my Basic Bead Tutorial.

Eyeglass Cord Jewelry Tutorial Supply List

The Czech glass beads are from The Dollar Bead Box monthly subscription. You can also purchase individual items as a member.

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