Paper Bead Square Stitch Bracelet Tutorial

Square Stitch Bracelet Tutorial Blog Thumbnail

This unique square stitch bracelet tutorial involves a bit more bead weaving than other projects I’ve posted, but I know you’re all up to the challenge!

I’ve chosen three complimentary flower patterned papers to make tube-shaped paper beads. The tutorial for the beads is in the first part of the video. Then, at the 5 min point, I show you how to use a basic square stitch to weave the beads into an adorable three-row paper bead bracelet!

I hope you enjoy this project! Links to some of the materials I used (or similar to what I used) in the video are below. Visit the website at to purchase bead rollers, download digital paper bead templates, and view more tutorials!

Square Stitch Bracelet Tutorial Supplies List