Saucer Paper Beads Style Bracelet

Saucer Style Paper Bead Bracelet

When I look for inspiration in my paper bead jewelry-making, I usually end up on YouTube. I spend hours watching tutorials, learning about new products and how-to techniques. Most of the time I take inspiration and run with it paper bead style. Often my finished product doesn’t look anything like the tutorial that inspired it. But in the case of this red saucer bead bracelet, I fell in love with the design and copied it almost exactly from Mariel Beads and Beyond Beading Channel. She doesn’t use paper beads in her tutorial, but the structure of the bracelet is pretty much as you see on my version.

Saucer Paper Beads Bracelet

I chose red for the beads because although I have a ton of red in my wardrobe, I don’t have a lot of red jewelry to wear with it. I also plan to make earrings and a necklace to match, so stay tuned!

Saucer Paper Beads

For the saucer paper beads, I used 65lb 12″x 12″ red cardstock. Each strip was 1/4″ at the wide end, and tapered down to a point. I used two strips stacked to make one saucer paper bead. The glaze for these beads was Judikins Diamond Glaze.

Other Important Materials

You can use any kind of chain for this project, but I went for a little extra sparkle with this Bead Landing Chain. The links are a bit thicker with a nice curve to them that makes the bracelet sparkle!

Mariel does a great job on her tutorials. They are easy to follow and I’ve learned so much! I’ve included the original YouTube tutorial below so you can follow along too!


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