Sponge-Painted Paper Beads

sponge painted paper beads

Remember when sponge painting was all the rage? I sponged entire WALLS in my house! It’s a technique that I haven’t used in quite awhile, but when I was dreaming up the beads for this tutorial, I knew that was the technique that would get me the beads I was dreaming of. So I brought out the ole sponges and dabbed away! There are a few tricks to making this work, such as what kind of paper you choose but I’ll leave that for the tutorial. Have fun with this one! In my next tutorial, I’ll make a necklace from these colorful beads! (They just happen to be my favorite spring/summer colors!)

Round Beads Tutorial Video: https://youtu.be/hikjzgJdMJM

Sponge-Painted Bead Supplies List