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Sponge-Painted Paper Beads

Remember when sponge painting was all the rage? I sponged entire WALLS in my house! [...]

Rolling Thick Paper With Small-Slot Rollers

This quick tip is in response to a question posted in my Paper Bead Fanatics [...]

Triple Tier Necklace with Paper Beads

This Triple Tier paper bead necklace was super easy and quick to make! I couldn’t [...]

Using Tension to Shape Paper Beads

Beginning paper beaders always struggle with how much tension to put on the paper strip [...]

Open Drop Paper Bead Tutorial

Here are some amazing new paper beads you can make with the new Double Pin [...]

Scalloped Paper Bead Tutorial

Want a bead with a beautiful and interesting texture? The scalloped paper bead fits the [...]

How to Glaze Paper Beads with UV Resin

This is another installment in the paper bead glazing series! This time we are using [...]

Paper Pillow Beads

Have you ever made paper pillow beads? If not, you should! They are so much [...]

Blue Jean Paper Bead Necklace

Now that you’ve learned how to make denim beads, let’s put those together to create [...]

How to Make Beads From Denim

Denim beads. Yes, you read that title correctly. There have always been revolutionaries introducing new [...]