Two Ways to Glaze a Paper Bead

How to Glaze a Paper Bead

Why do you need to glaze a paper bead? Well, a rolled paper bead is a beautiful thing. But if you tried to wear it on your neck as unfinished paper, you might not like the result.  Paper just isn’t the toughest material out there. You need to coat your beads with something that will create a hard surface to make the bead more sturdy. Something that will add some water-resistant protection so that the beads don’t fall apart if you sweat or get it wet while washing your hands. And something that will add a nice, polished, shiny coat to your beads.

In this video, I’ll show you two popular ways to glaze a paper bead. One option is to paint on Judikins Diamond Glaze. Another is to use WOW embossing powder and a heat gun.

Bead Glazing Supplies List

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