The Uplifted Program

What is the Uplifted Program?

Uplifted is my heart-centered way of giving back to the world and making it a better place. When raised amounts reach appropriate thresholds (usually $25 minimum) I choose a project from or  and donate 30 – 70% of the sales price from every sale of finished jewelry sold in my online shop. See each product page for the exact donation amount on each piece.

Where do the donations go? uses a crowdfunding model to provide microloans to entrepreneurs in over 80 countries including the US. The loans are made to business owners who don’t have access to traditional funding methods. When the loan is repaid, I reinvest the money to fund another project. is a platform where teachers who have unfunded classroom needs fundraise to achieve their goals. These are not loans, but are charitable donations that won’t be paid back. These are classrooms that may be in your own community.

Why not donate 100% of a sale?

Selling online has a lot of hidden costs, including credit card feeds, labor and materials. I donate approximately 70% of the sale price of an item through the Uplifted program. That 30% doesn’t always cover all of the operational costs involved in selling the items, but is enough to make this program sustainable.

Can you donate to my project?

If you have a project on either of these platforms, I’d love to know about it! Please fill out the form below:

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